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Eye Care While Traveling

Whether you’re headed home for the holidays, planning your next epic summer vacation, or boarding a flight for business, life and travel go hand-in-hand. The circumstances and methods may change, but the realities of travel do not. Among those consistent travel basics is the sometimes-complicated relationship between traveling and maintaining healthy habits. It is far more difficult to keep a healthy diet, exercise routine, and other necessary aspects of life in order when travel disrupts your routine.

Eye care is no exception. It is easy to let even simple parts of eye care fall to the wayside when traveling. Finding ways to prevent this from becoming your experience can be the difference between a healthy, enjoyable trip and one that disrupts your eye health. Thankfully, there are a few basic approaches you can take to ensure your eye care stays consistent when you depart.

Check them out below.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy While Traveling

From sightseeing to closing a deal, travel is a necessary and wonderful part of the human experience. Follow the tips below to keep your eyes healthy as you enjoy your next trip.

Protect Your Eyes

Sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection are vital accessories when traveling. The Sun’s rays can be damaging to your eyes, no matter where your travels take you. Remembering your sunglasses—or investing in new ones, if necessary—is an absolute must.

Prioritize Sleep

Getting some quality shuteye is critical to eye health. During sleep, your eyes have time to rest and recoup. They lubricate, which prevents dry eyes from developing, and you will emerge from slumber with fresh, healthy eyes. Traveling can lead to some strange sleep schedules, so prioritizing quality rest can be challenging. The benefits, however, are well worth the effort to get a good night’s sleep.

Don’t Let Screens Dominate

Whether you’re working and frequently checking your phone for emails or you’re on vacation and can’t stop sharing your experience on social media, too much screen time can not only detract from your travels, but it can also strain your eyes, harm your sleep, and cause dry eye. Give your eyes a break from screens as best you can while traveling.

Bring Backups

Replacing lost contacts and broken glasses while traveling is not easy. Avoid the worst possible outcome by bringing backups of all of your eye-related items. Sunglasses, contacts, prescription eyewear, and so forth should all be packed in multiple quantities. It may seem excessive until a situation arises where you need your backup pair; then, you’ll be glad you brought them.

Defend Against Dry Eyes

Airplanes are notorious for causing dry eyes. While not necessarily a serious condition, the discomfort and irritation associated with dry eyes are frustrating and worth preventing. Do your best to limit screen time, get proper rest, and protect your eyes from environmental particles. You may want to consider bringing eye drops on your trip to combat eye dryness when it does occur.

Traveling does not have to lead to neglected eye care. With preemptive planning and a bit of concentrated effort, you can set yourself and your eyes up for success, even when far from home. For more tips and tricks to keep your eyes healthy while on the go, be sure to reach out to your eye doctor. They can give you the information your need to thrive, including personalized pointers for your unique eyes and travel destination.

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