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Choosing the Right Frames for Your Face

The time has come to select new frames. For many, this decision is one of mixed emotions—excitement, a bit of anxiety, and undoubtedly a strong awareness of the possibilities that accompany the moment.

One question is likely to be reverberating in your head—how do you choose the right frames for your face? After all, no two faces are the same, and your choice will influence your look and style for the foreseeable future.

Don’t worry, though. With our handy guide to choosing the right frames for your face, you are sure to end up with new eyeglasses that enhance your look and give you the confidence you deserve. Read on for some valuable tips when it comes to selecting your new frames.

Determine Your Face Shape

Evaluating what face shape you have is key to selecting the best eyeglass frames for you. There are many comprehensive guides that will help you figure out your face shape and unlock the potential frame styles that suit you best.

  • Diamond – Frames that highlight your delicate features, including those magnificent cheekbones, are best for those with diamond faces. Cat-eye frames and oval frames should certainly be on your list.

  • Heart-Shaped – Using frames to add width to the lower, narrower portion of your face helps draw the eye and enhance your natural features. Both round and square frames can work, so your options are wide open.

  • Oval – Wide frames that lean toward the geometric side are best for those with oval faces.

  • Round – Opting for squarer lenses can help elongate your face and add an element of balance to your natural features.

  • Square – Those with angular features can benefit from round frames, as such shapes help thin the face.

Consider Your Skin Tone

Aside from the shape of your frames, the most notable characteristic will likely be their color. While it may be tempting to get your frames in your favorite color—and by all means, you do you—considering your skin tone and how certain colors complement it can elevate your new look to new heights.

The simplest way to think about skin tone is in terms of cool or warm. If you have blue or pink tones, your skin is considered cool. If you have darker skin, bronze, gold, or yellow tones, your skin is considered warm.

For cool skin tones, consider more colorful options to add a bit of pop. Blacks and greys work fine, as they do not wash out your skin, but feel free to experiment with brighter colors like blue, pink, purple, and tortoise.

If you have a warm skin tone, earthier colors will complement your complexion. Beige, brown, gold, olive green, tortoise, and more can enhance your look.

Factor in Your Lifestyle and Personality

Considering appearance when selecting new eyeglass frames is an integral piece of the process. However, you should not neglect to factor in your lifestyle and personality when choosing frames. After all, you will be living with your new glasses on a daily basis.

If you are exceptionally active, you may want to consider investing in multiple frames to ensure versatility, comfort, and durability. If you work in a formal environment, you might need frames that accentuate your professionalism.

At the same time, your frames should convey at least a portion of your personality. Even the most stunning frames could fall flat if you do not like them. Your frames should be a joy to put on each day, make you feel good about yourself, and be a symbol of who you are.

We hope this quick guide to choosing the right frames for your new eyeglasses was helpful. Picking new frames can be slightly daunting, but with the right guidance, you are sure to find the perfect frames for you. For more tips and tricks, consider reaching out to your eye doctor. They have the experience and expertise to assist you in securing the ideal frames for your face, skin tone, lifestyle, personality, and more.

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