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5 Reasons to Schedule Your Eye Exam Now

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Staying on the go is one of the hallmarks of the modern world. Between work, relationships, hobbies, and more, it’s easy to get caught up in living and allow important things to slip through the cracks sometimes.

This is especially true of things we don’t necessarily enjoy, like checkups and routine health exams. Many of us, rather than being preemptive, opt to address our health when something begins to bother us.

When it comes to your eyes, it can be easy to fall into this trap. After all, so long as you can see well and without discomfort, things are probably fine. The truth is, though, that regular eye exams are extremely important for everyone. Here are 5 reasons why you should schedule your next eye exam now.

Your Eye Health is Important

It’s common for people to watch what they eat, exercise regularly, and attend their annual physical exam. We all know that our health and well-being directly translate to a higher quality of life, so we tend to take care of ourselves.

Your eye health shouldn’t be any different. After all, your eyes are just as important to your quality of life as the rest of your body!

Catching potential eye health problems early can be the difference between a positive outcome and an avoidable disaster. Prevention is vital, and eye exams are an essential part of it.

Prescriptions Change

As you age and your body changes, your eyes will be affected. Regular eye exams evaluate these changes to ensure your prescriptions are up to date. Even minor developments in eyesight can require your prescriptions to adapt.

Keeping your prescriptions relevant is also a safety concern. Discomfort with the wrong prescription is one thing; driving with out-of-date glasses or contacts is something else entirely.

Other Health Problems may be Detected

You’ve heard it said that the eyes are the window to the soul. As it turns out, they’re also the window to the rest of your body’s health.

Eye exams can help detect serious health problems like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and more. For those who have already been diagnosed with diabetes, eye exams are vital. They can catch diabetic eye disease—an incredibly serious condition that often leads to blindness—very early, thereby improving the chances of preserving your vision.

Your Vision Might Need Help

Many people believe they have excellent vision, not knowing that their ability to see clearly has diminished or may need help. An eye exam is the most effective way to measure your vision and correct it quickly and easily.

In addition to improving your vision, you may also find that vision-related problems, such as eye strain and headaches, dissipate. In other words, an eye exam can correct your vision—even if it’s pretty good to begin with—and your quality of life will benefit as a result.

Your Children Can Benefit

Kids need eye exams, too. Some children may need corrective measures for their vision and not even realize it because the way they see is the way they have always seen. Catching potential problems early is essential to preserving their eye health and ensuring they can see clearly.

Their ability to function in childhood environments—school, in particular—hinges heavily on their ability to see and focus. In fact, if your child is struggling at school, it may be directly related to their eyesight. An eye exam can help.

Whether your vision seems to be exceptional, or you simply can’t find the time for a routine eye exam, it is important to prioritize your eye health. For more insight into why eye exams are so important for everyone, be sure to talk to your eye doctor. They’ll gladly give you the honest truth about your eye health and how an eye exam can benefit you (and your kids)!

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